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Amir Khan’s Top 3 Quarantine Dance Routines

The quarantine can make anyone go a little stir crazy, even a martial arts hero. But lightweight star Amir Khan is getting through the lockdown with his partner, Cristina, by doing a little bit of dancing.

Khan and his wife, who welcomed a beautiful baby boy into the world a year ago, have been active on social media by recreating an assortment of viral dances and posting the clips for your viewing pleasure.

Here are three of the best routines the couple has shared during their time at home.

Embarrassing Parents

Khan’s latest caption reads, “Lesson 101 on how to embarrass your kids when they grow up.”

The couple synced up their moves while the Evolve representative wore stylish white-framed sunglasses to complete his look.

Take note parents: leave behind a lot of embarrassing videos for your children to discover as they get older.

Rhythm Nation

The Singaporean mixed martial artist knows his true talents are not on the dance floor.

As Khan attempted another routine, he did his best to assure others who like to boogie down that they are not alone if they lack rhythm.

It is all about having fun on the dance floor, and not always about how crisp your moves look.

A New Walkout?

In what could have been the best dance yet, Khan joked that he was practicing his new walkout routine.

The short video of the routine was part of the viral #BlindingLightsChallenge.

After seeing the choreography, do you think he should adopt this into his next performance while making his way down the ramp?

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