5 Weapons That Make Jimmy Vienot Such A Dangerous Muay Thai Fighter

Jimmy Vienot walks to the Circle

Former ONE World Title challenger Jimmy “JV01” Vienot will make his highly anticipated return on June 28, as he’s set to battle Thai standout Shadow Singha Mawynn in a pivotal featherweight Muay Thai showdown at ONE Friday Fights 68.

Slated to take place live in Asia primetime at the legendary Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand, that matchup will be the Frenchman’s first appearance in ONE since his October 2022 victory over Niclas “Dreamchaser” Larsen.

Much to the delight of striking fans around the world, the master technician will now look to continue his climb back toward the featherweight Muay Thai gold.

Here, we look at Vienot’s five most dangerous weapons.

#1 Dynamic Left Kick

As a southpaw fighter, it’s no surprise that a powerful left kick is the centerpiece of Vienot’s game.

The 29-year-old generally prefers to fight at long range, where he can fire off his thunderous left kick to a variety of targets, whether he’s pulverizing his opponent’s leg, landing soul-stealing body kicks, or threatening the knockout with a show-stopping head kick.

#2 Big Left Hand

Vienot’s vicious left kick works in tandem with his straight left hand to force his opponents on the defensive.

While the Frenchman throws this punch with plenty of power and ruthless intent, the accuracy is most notable, as he often lands his left hand with pinpoint precision, particularly on the counter.

#3 Sneaky Right High Kick

Of course, it’s not all southpaw weapons for the five-time Muay Thai World Champion.

In addition to his left-sided strikes, Vienot boasts a sneaky right high kick – reminiscent of interim featherweight kickboxing king Superbon – which he throws with lightning speed and essentially no telegraphing.

#4 Kick Catching And Counters

Because he often fights from such a long distance, Vienot regularly forces his opponents into throwing poorly set-up, ill-advised kicks.

With that in mind, “JV01” is a master of catching kicks – only to dump his foe on the canvas.

In his narrow split-decision loss to former divisional titleholder Petchmorakot Petchyindee, for example, he found consistent success when catching the Thai’s kicks to create openings for his own offense.

#5 Vicious Elbow Strikes

While he’s plenty dangerous at long range, “JV01” is a well-rounded Muay Thai fighter who is capable of using all the weapons at his disposal.

To that end, Vienot will employ damaging step-in elbow strikes whenever he wants to crash the distance and engage in close-range combat.

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