5 Things To Know About Alexis Nicolas Before He Challenges Regian Eersel For Kickboxing World Title

Alexis Nicolas Magomed Magomedov ONE Friday Fights 47 28

Alexis “Barboza” Nicolas wants to shock the world in the main event of ONE Fight Night 21 on Prime Video

On April 5 in U.S. primetime, the surging French star will challenge two-sport king Regian “The Immortal” Eersel for the ONE Lightweight Kickboxing World Title at Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

It’s certainly a daunting task for the challenger.

After all, Eersel is cemented as one of the top pound-for-pound strikers on the planet and has posted a perfect 10-0 slate in the world’s largest martial arts organization, including four defenses of his kickboxing throne.

However, Nicolas isn’t satisfied with just taking part and plans to upset the longtime divisional king. Here are five things to know about the 25-year-old striker before the biggest fight of his life.

#1 He’s Undefeated 

Nicolas has never tasted defeat in his professional career and will stand across from Eersel with the supreme confidence of a man who only knows how to win. 

The Frenchman has knocked out eight opponents en route to his perfect 23-0 slate, emerging as one of the most exciting rising stars in kickboxing.  

His promotional debut at ONE Friday Fights 47 reaffirmed this fact when he put on a clinical display to defeat Magomed Magomedov

Of course, “Barboza” is facing a huge step up against the man who’s ruled the division since 2019, but his self-belief will be a huge asset in his attempt to topple the Surinamese kingpin.  

#2 He Started His Kickboxing Journey In Savate 

Nicolas’ background is in the striking style of savate, a school of kickboxing from his native France that he took up at the age of 14. 

Although there are some differences – most notably that kicks in savate must land with the feet – the martial art has a strong emphasis on boxing and movement, which have both transferred well into “Barboza’s” kickboxing game.  

Savate strikers are typically more mobile and have a different array of shots than a Dutch-style kickboxer or Muay Thai fighter, and this unique arsenal could ask fresh questions of the seemingly unstoppable Eersel. 

#3 He’s A Kickboxing World Champion 

Although Nicolas only switched sports full-time in 2021, he’s found an incredible amount of success. 

After racking up plenty of silverware in regional, national, and international savate competitions, “Barboza” took this momentum into kickboxing and registered a quick succession of victories.  

This earned him the chance to compete for the ISKA Kickboxing World Title in November 2023, and he won the coveted belt with an emphatic KO to prove he was ready for the big show of ONE Championship.  

#4 He’s Influenced By Boxing Greats  

Nicolas draws influences from sports such as soccer and MMA, but he cites Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali as two of his biggest idols.

While very different in style, the confidence and success of those heavyweight boxing greats had a huge impact on the Mahmoudi Gym representative.  

The slickness of Ali and the ferocity of Tyson can both be seen in “Barboza’s” output, and he hopes to replicate some of their legendary success in the ring.  

#5 MMA Is On His Radar

Nicolas is riding high in the striking world, but he plans to try the all-encompassing sport of mixed martial arts in the future.  

For now, he must deal with one of this generation’s most devastating kickboxers in Eersel on April 5, but if he can fulfill his goals in the stand-up arts, “Barboza” is interested in testing himself in the MMA realm. 

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