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230217 BKK OFF5 1800x1200px
Feb 17, 2023 7:30PM ICT
Feb 17, 2023 7:30AM EST
Lumpinee Boxing Stadium, Bangkok

ONE Friday Fights 5

230217 BKK OFF5 1800x1200px
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After five straight weeks of scintillating action, ONE Championship is hosting its most explosive card yet at the iconic Lumpinee Boxing Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand.

The world’s largest martial arts organization is bringing the heat with ONE Friday Fights 5, which features a dozen of adrenaline-inducing Muay Thai and MMA battles that’ll keep fans yearning for more.

In the headline attraction, decorated Thai star Superball Tded99 makes his promotional debut against 2020 Sports Authority of Thailand Fighter of the Year recipient Kongklai Annymuaythai. The card also features former WBC MuayThai World Champion Revo Sor Sommai, who goes toe-to-toe against Turkish phenom Furkan Karabag.

Mark your calendars, find out how you can watch ONE Friday Fights 5, and get ready for an evening full of nonstop excitement and jaw-dropping knockouts.

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Main Card

Catchweight (137.79 LBS) Muay Thai
Kongklai vs. Superball
Kongklai Annymuaythai avatar 500x345 1
Superball_Tded99 avatar 500x345 1
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Catchweight (129.85 LBS) Muay Thai
Denkriangkrai vs. Tor Brucelee
Dengkriangkrai_Singha_Mawynn avatar 500x345
WIN Split Decision (R3) SD (R3)
Songchana_TorBruceLee avatar 500x345 1
Flyweight Muay Thai
PK Saenchai vs. Namphongnoi
Ploypanlan_PKSaenchai avatar 500x345 1
Namphongnoi_Sor_Sommai avatar 500x345 2
WIN Knockout (R1) KO (R1)
Strawweight Muay Thai
PK Saenchai vs. Blommaert
Teeyai_PKSaenchai avatar 500x345 1
Jelte_Blommaert avatar 500x345 2
Teeyai PK Saenchai VS Jelte Blommaert
Thailand Country Belgium
Catchweight (131.84 LBS) Muay Thai
Smile Muaythai vs. Lawrence
Ploymuangjan_Smile avatar 500x345 1
Iony_Lawrence avatar 500x345 2
Catchweight (111.99 LBS) Muay Thai
Luckybuntherng vs. Sor Dechapan
Yodbuangarm_Luckybuntherng avatar 500x345 1
Khunsuk_Sor_Dechapan avatar 500x345 2
WIN Knockout (R2) KO (R2)
Catchweight (153.88 LBS) Muay Thai
Sor Sommai vs. Karabag
Revo_Sor_Sommai avatar 500x345 1
Furkan_Karabag avatar 500x345 2
Flyweight MMA
Biagtan vs. Adamkhonov
Fritz_Biagtan avatar 500x345 2
WIN Knockout (R3) KO (R3)
Nurmuhammad_Adamkhonov avatar 500x345 1
Strawweight MMA
Savicheva vs. Bano
Aleksandra_Savicheva avatar 500x345 1
Zeba_Bano avatar 500x345 2
Aleksandra Savicheva VS Zeba Bano
Russia Country India
Catchweight (137.79 LBS) Muay Thai
Dedduanglek vs. Bekmurzaev
Dedduanglek_Tded99 avatar 500x345 2
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Temirlan_Bekmurzaev avatar 500x345 1
Catchweight (129.85 LBS) Muay Thai
Brady vs. Rankine
Hannah_Brady avatar 500x345 2
WIN Knockout (R1) KO (R1)
Claire_Rankine avatar 500x345 2
Hannah Brady VS Claire Rankine
United Kingdom Country Scotland
Atomweight MMA
Sawada vs. Fayazmanesh
Chihiro_Sawada avatar 500x345
WIN Submission (R2) SUB (R2)
Sanaz_Fayazmanesh avatar 500x345 2


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nasty leg kick knockout furkan karabag vs revo sor sommai
Superball Tded99 before his fight against Kongklai Annymuaythai at ONE Friday Fights 5
one friday fights 5 all fight highlights
Superball Tded99 knocks down Kongklai Annymuaythai at ONE Friday Fights 5
aggressive muay thai superball kongklai went all out
kongklai and superball traded massive knockdowns in the main event of one friday fights 5
denkriangkrai and songchana went to war in the co main event of one friday fights 5 e29a94efb88f
namphongnoi sor sommai stops ploypanlan pk saenchai with one punch
iony lawrence mows down ploymuangjan smile muaythai for the tko win in under two minutes e28fb1efb88f
muay thai slugfest fritz biagtans crushing ko
leg kick tko furkan karabag shuts down revo sor sommai in round 3 with a devastating blow
fritz biagtan storms nurmukhammad adamkhonov for a highlight reel ko in the last 30 seconds
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