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230609 BKK OFF20 1800x1200px
Jun 9, 2023 7:30PM ICT
Jun 9, 2023 8:30AM EDT
Lumpinee Stadium, Bangkok

ONE Friday Fights 20

230609 BKK OFF20 1800x1200px
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Get ready for a weekend full of explosive martial arts action, as ONE Championship hosts an epic doubleheader at the world-famous Lumpinee Boxing Stadium on June 9.

The action gets started with ONE Friday Fights 20, which is jam-packed with 12 electric Muay Thai and MMA showdowns.

In the main event, surging two-time Muay Thai World Champion Petsukumvit Boi Bangna straps on the 4-ounce gloves once again and looks to earn his fourth straight victory in the world’s largest martial arts organization.

But standing in his way is 21-year-old phenom Jaosuayai Sor Dechapan, who is eager to ruin his Thai compatriot’s perfect ONE Friday Fights run in his highly anticipated promotional debut.

The card also features the debut of Lumpinee Stadium Muay Thai World Champion Kongthailand Kiatnavy, as well as international rising stars Mavlud Tupiev, Torepchi Dongak, and Yodkritsada Sor Sommai.

So mark your calendars, find out how you can watch ONE Friday Fights 20 live in your area, and brace yourself for an evening full of non-stop martial arts action!

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Main Card

Flyweight Muay Thai
Petsukumvit vs. Jaosuayai
Petsukumvit 500x345
Jaosuayai 500x345
WIN Knockout (R1) KO (R1)
Catchweight (131.99 LBS) Muay Thai
Yodkritsada vs. Sor Sornsing
Yodkrisada avatar 500x345
Thepthaksin avatar 500x345
WIN Split Decision (R3) SD (R3)
Catchweight (142 LBS) Muay Thai
Suablack vs. Thanungern
Suablack 500x345
WIN Knockout (R2) KO (R2)
Thanungern 500x345
Catchweight (135.98 LBS) Muay Thai
Jomhod vs. Puengluang
Jomhod 500x345
Puengluang 500x345
WIN Knockout (R3) KO (R3)
Catchweight (127.98 LBS) Muay Thai
Sor Therapat vs. Petsuwan
Rambong Sor Therapat Avatar 500x345 2
WIN Knockout (R1) KO (R1)
Petsuwan 500x345
Catchweight (109.99 LBS) Muay Thai
Fairtex vs. Nongnuk
Gusjung Fairtex Avatar 500x345
No Contest NC
Nongnuk 500x345
No Contest NC
Bantamweight Muay Thai
Or Pimolsri vs. Tifiyev
Yod IQ avatar 500x345
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Mavlud_Tupiev avatar 500x345 2
Yod-IQ Or Pimolsri VS Mavlud Tifiyev
Thailand Country Uzbekistan
Catchweight (162.19 LBS) Muay Thai
Kongthailand vs. Teixeira
Kongthailand 500x345
Victor_Teixeira 500x345
WIN Knockout (R2) KO (R2)
Flyweight Muay Thai
Jaising vs. Jinhu
Jaising_Sitnayokpansak avatar 500x345
WIN Knockout (R1) KO (R1)
Zhang_Jinhu 500x345
Catchweight (146.98 LBS) Muay Thai
Saenphon vs. Boran
Saenphon_Sor_Sommai avatar 500x345
WIN Unanimous Decision (R3) UD (R3)
Gokhan_Boran 500x345
Featherweight MMA
Marareskul vs. Skrok
Konstantin_Marareskul 500x345
No Contest NC
Bartosz_Skrok avatar 500x345
No Contest NC
Flyweight MMA
Orekhov vs. Dongak
Ivan_Orekhov 500x345
Torepchi_Dongak avatar 500x345


ONE Friday Fights 20 | All Fight Highlights
Jaosuayai Sor Dechapan Petsukumvit Boi Bangna ONE Friday Fights 20 29
Petsukumvit Boi Bangna faces off with Jaosuayai Sor Dechapan ahead of ONE Friday Fights 20!