Chatri Chooses Final Four Candidates On ‘Apprentice’ Episode 10

John Wolcott | May 21, 2021 |

Throughout “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition,” the global candidates have rarely spent time with ONE Chairman and CEO Chatri Sityodtong outside of the boardroom, but in Episode 10, that all changed.

The remaining five candidates vying for the US$250,000 contract to work as Chatri’s Chief Of Staff got to play soccer with the show’s host, but soon after, another fan favorite was sent home.

Here’s what went down in the latest episode of “The Apprentice.”

Friendly Game Of Soccer At Boys’ Town

The episode opened with the final five candidates sitting in a van with Chatri as they rode to Arena Singapore to play soccer with the kids from Boys’ Town, a charity founded by the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel in 1948 – and one that Chatri has donated to for quite some time.

The candidates opened up to Chatri, and the ONE Chairman and CEO reminded them that success can never be measured by what you have; instead, greatness is measured by what you do for others.

Louie Sangalang then recalled his own emotional story, which he hadn’t done in the previous nine episodes. He told the group how he thought he hurt his wife and said he couldn’t forgive himself. It was the first time viewers got to witness the soft interior of the hardened boardroom prospect.

Dream Team Meets Billionaire Brothers

In Episode 10, the five remaining candidates were told they’d no longer compete as Team Valor and Team Conquest, but as the Dream Team – a group made up of Louie, Irina Chadsey, Monica Millington, Paulina Purnomowati, and Jessica Ramella.

The newly formed Dream Team then met the show’s next two business Co-Advisors: Indonesian billionaire brothers Prajna and Karuna Murdaya. As a fellow Indonesian, Paulina was ecstatic.

For this week’s business challenge, the five candidates had to organize a trade event to attract new clients for the Jakarta International Expo (JI Expo), which Prajna helps run as its Director.

‘Sorority Party’

As the last man standing in “The Apprentice,” Louie found himself surrounded by what he called a “sorority party” and said the four women’s ensuing bonding session was intimidating.

Meanwhile, each of the Dream Team members expressed why they wanted to be the Project Manager – except for Louie, which the women found odd since they believed each of them should be working hard to impress Chatri at this point.

In the end – because of her ties to Indonesia – Paulina got the role, after which she promised to create “a trade affair to remember.”

Candidate Left Hanging

Continuing to act as the effective leader she’s proven to be, Paulina began delegating tasks. She handed the creative tasks over to Monica, the sales pitches and strategic planning to Jessica, and the research to Louie. However, she undervalued Irina and failed to give her a specific task.

The Dream Team then met with the Murdaya brothers to find out what challenges they face when it comes to attracting new clients to the JI Expo. And with that, the group went to work.

During the grind, Chatri’s Advisor, Niharika Singh, visited the group to express what she expects from the last remaining candidates.

Jessica Throws A Curve Ball

Instead of pitching Chatri and the Co-Advisors on their final product, the Dream Team had to welcome and pitch potential expo clients one-on-one while the judges watched.

Some of those clients included Jessica Felicia Anwar, Director at Barre 2 Barre and Seriously Keto; Althea Lim, Group CEO of Gushcloud International; Chris Ang, Vice President of Three Angles Group; and Carlos Alimurung, CEO of ONE Esports.

The group then had to give a presentation to the clients about the services the JI Expo offers.

When it was all said and done, the Murdaya brothers had split opinions on the presentation. One of them thought it was okay, and the other felt like it was a high school presentation. Niharika believed the presentation was filled with too many words, and Chatri himself was not impressed.

With that said, everyone – Host and Advisors included – thought Jessica shined. And when the potential clients voted on which candidate they thought did the best, they all agreed – Jessica had won them over.

Boardroom Blitz

In the boardroom, Chatri and Niharika gave their feedback to the group. They thought the Dream Team had done a solid job gathering facts, but they also felt the presentation was too corporate to win anyone over.

Moreover, the two thought Paulina brought her team together, but they also admitted that Monica and Jessica dropped the ball on the marketing material.

When asked who had done the most and least amount of work, Irina pointed to Jessica and Louie, respectively. Louie interjected, however. He said that he was willing to go above and beyond, but the team didn’t trust him to do so.

However, when he pointed out that Monica was scared to take risks, she jumped in to defend herself, and the two began arguing, with Monica calling the Filipino a liar.

One More Goes Home

In the midst of the boardroom frenzy, Niharika expressed her disappointment in watching the group fall apart. The Co-Advisor and Chatri did, however, praise Jessica for her work pitching potential clients for the JI Expo.

Niharika then pointed out the fact that Paulina, Louie, and Irina did poorly on pitching the guests – and the three were sent to the chopping block.

After some debate, Chatri and Niharika made their decision on which of the candidates would go home.

They respected Paulina’s presence on the show, but they also believed she led her team to failure this time around. The two also felt that Irina was well-rounded but had yet to spike in any of the challenges. As for Louie, they gave him a pass since this was the first time he was on the chopping block.

After hearing their pleas to stay on the show, Chatri let Paulina go.

Tune in to AXN next Thursday, 27 May, at 8:50 p.m. to catch all the drama on Episode 11 of “The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition.”

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