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คาลิด ฟริกกีนี

169.98 ป. / 77.1 กก
6'0" ฟุต / 184 ซม
24 ปี
Venum Training Camp Thailand


Khalid “Monster” Friggini is originally from Morocco, a nation that has produced many top kickboxers. He got his start in kickboxing at 10 years old with the dream of becoming a World Champion one day. As a weak and sickly child who had to take constant medication, his lofty goals seemed to be pure fantasy.

But Friggini would pursue his goal tirelessly, and after winning a national kickboxing title in his native Morocco, he relocated to Thailand to take his martial arts career to the next level at Venum Training Camp in Pattaya. He compiled a solid 7-1 record in Muay Thai competition, then signed to make his professional mixed martial arts debut in ONE Championship.

Friggini’s youth, reach, and athleticism make him a truly exciting prospect in the lightweight division. He regards ONE Championship as the best organization in the world and competing in it as a dream come true, with his goal being to dominate his weight class en route to international superstardom.

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