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#3 وزن الذرة النسائي

دينيس “ليكان كوين” زامبوانغا

الوزن المحدد
51.8 كلغ
158 سم / 5'2" قدم
26 سنة

معلومات عن دينيس زامبوانغا

The Philippines’ Denice “Lycan Queen” Zamboanga has been unstoppable so far in her mixed martial arts career. She initially began training in karate at the urging of her brother, Filipino champion Drex Zamboanga, to learn self-defense, but she soon discovered a thirst for competition while she was studying and working in university.

Zamboanga was invited by multiple promotions to try mixed martial arts, and she decided to take them up on the offer because she liked the idea of testing the limits of her ability. She took to the sport immediately, going an undefeated 5-0 with four finishes in regional Philippine promotions, earning the opportunity to represent her nation on the global stage of ONE Championship in the process.

She has drawn on her karate base for spectacular knockout wins, but Zamboanga has also shown proficiency on the ground with the ability to finish via submission.