163 CM
South Korea


Lee Jina of Andong, South Korea, is a popular model based in the capital city of Seoul. She began her modeling career in spectacular fashion, famously winning a Maxim bikini contest and landing a spread in the world-renown men’s magazine. This exposure immediately thrust her into the spotlight, where she has since gone on to feature in several top men’s magazines and motor-shows across Asia. 

Having blossomed in true movie-like fashion, Jina was not always the bombshell we see today. Her childhood was mostly spent on a farm where she grew up with two older brothers, spending much of her time outdoors with her father, and naturally being groomed into quite the tomboy. She then went off to school at Andong National University South Korea, where she was a self-professed bookworm studying Accounting, Law, and Economics. 

After graduating and taking a job at Shinhan Bank, one of the largest financial organizations in the country, Jina was discovered by a famous Korean modeling agency and began to embrace her budding feminine side. She learnt to let her stunning combination of looks and personality shine and quickly took Korea’s notoriously competitive modeling scene by storm, landing several modeling jobs in short order. 

This newfound path led Jina into the world of entertainment, where she became a Ring Girl for Asia’s largest martial arts promotion, ONE Championship. She debuted for ONE in 2016 and is now one of the organization’s most recognizable faces. Today, Jina spends most of her time traveling across Asia, modeling for the organization, and keeping fans enticed between rounds. 

Keeping her motivated, the gorgeous Korean’s greatest hero is her mother, whom Jina credits as her inspiration due to tireless efforts to keep their family afloat through times of hardship. 

A Korean native, Jina has expanded her linguistic horizons and is now trilingual – fluent in English, Mandarin, and her mother-tongue of Korean. She stays fit through dance and hard days at the gym, and is also actively promoting as a DJ and on her own YouTube Channel. She wishes to see the world and expand her knowledge of various cultures and believes ONE Championship has already given her an opportunity to do just that.