171 CM
South Korea


Choi Yerok is one of Korea’s most celebrated models, having accumulated top-notch experience across several areas of Korea’s glitzy show business industry.

Her stately elegance and graceful curves have turned heads at several prominent motor shows and festivals, and stolen the scenes of many national advertising campaigns, TV dramas, music videos, and even movies. However, it comes as no surprise, given Yerok is a graduate of the Seoul Arts College having majored in Acting.

A highly-driven individual who prides herself on her willingness to take chances with new tasks and challenges, Yerok first heard about ONE Championship through the other Ring Girls, and immediately set out to land a place on the roster.

When she’s not grabbing people’s attention from centrestage, the diehard fan of spicy food is busy knitting, cooking, and hiking. She places her family and friends above all, and is a firm believer in working hard, playing hard, and always being happy.