4 Fine Finishes From The Heroes Of ONE: PINNACLE OF POWER

June 11, 2018

The heroes competing at ONE: PINNACLE OF POWER have demonstrated their ability for getting fast knockouts and quick submission wins, but they have also proven to have a knack for getting dramatic finishes.

On Saturday, 23 June, our heroes will engage in strategic battles at the Studio City Event Center in Macau, and all of them are fully aware they may have to power through tremendous adversity in order to pull off the highly-desired stoppage victory.

As ONE Championship gets ready for another unforgettable night in Macau, relive these astonishing finishes from the warriors competing at the show.

Xiong Jing Nan’s Rousing TKO Of Tiffany Teo

“The Panda” Xiong Jing Nan has used her thunderous power to knock out opponents quickly, as displayed in her clash with April Osenio in December.

However, in January at ONE: KINGS OF COURAGE against Tiffany “No Chill” Teo, she proved to have the cardio, stamina, and heart to finish her adversaries, no matter how long it took.

Following a back and forth opening stanza, Xiong turned up the heat. She applied constant pressure, mixed up her strikes with her takedowns, and constantly battered the unbeaten Singaporean with heavy overhands and powerful hooks.

The Chinese athlete got stronger and stronger as the rounds wore on. Every time Xiong came close to putting her opponent away, Teo would find a way to survive — be it through a stiff jab, a takedown, or a last-ditch reversal on the ground.

Midway through the fourth, however, it all came to an end. “The Panda” was simply too overwhelming. She threw a flurry of overhand rights and left hooks, which finally dropped Teo down to the canvas. That forced the referee to halt the contest.

Xiong became the inaugural ONE Women’s Strawweight World Champion, and the first Chinese mixed martial arts world champion. Now, she will defend the gold against Laura Balin in the co-main event of ONE: PINNACLE OF POWER.

Ev Ting KOs A Former World Champion

Malaysian juggernaut Ev Ting may have fallen to then-ONE Lightweight World Champion Eduard “Landslide” Folayang in April 2016, but he was driven to get a rematch with the titleholder as soon as possible.

In August, at ONE: QUEST FOR GREATNESS, “E.T.” started his journey back to title contention with a bout against Nobutatsu Suzuki, a former ONE Welterweight World Champion who was looking for a career resurgence at lightweight.

Ting never looked threatened against the Japanese veteran, however. He fearlessly exchanged strikes with Suzuki in the first minute, controlled the pace, and even threw a cartwheel kick.

Once Suzuki appeared more comfortable, he marched forward with powerful strikes of his own. The Malaysian backed away, and countered his foe with strong punches.

The complexion of the bout changed entirely when Ting kicked Suzuki’s leg out. “E.T.” ran at his rival with a flying knee, slammed him to the canvas with a massive takedown, and unloaded with punches until the referee stopped the contest. The official time was 3:29 of the opening stanza.

Ting’s lightweight world title campaign continues against Koji Ando in Macau.

Edward Kelly’s Come-From-Behind Win

In March 2016, at ONE: UNION OF WARRIORS, Filipino wushu dynamo Edward “The Ferocious” Kelly had to weather the storm before he could strike.

Just seconds after the opening bell rang, his explosive opponent, Jordan “Showtime” Lucas, immediately took him down. The Aussie utilized his submission expertise in a flash. He took Kelly’s back, sunk in his hooks, and tried locking in the rear-naked choke. When that failed, he rained down punches.

Kelly maintained his veteran cool, before eventually shaking Lucas loose and returning to his feet. Although “Showtime” brought him back to the canvas with a double-leg takedown and worked towards another rear-naked choke, and then a triangle choke, the Baguio City warrior escaped.

“The Ferocious” forced the Aussie to stand, and then swung at him with punches and kicks. Desperate, Lucas went for a third takedown, and this time he left his neck out. Kelly stuffed the attempt, and then clasped on a rear-naked choke from the side of his opponent. “Showtime” had no choice but to submit at 3:47 of round one.

At ONE: PINNACLE OF POWER, Kelly will try to finish his martial arts idol, Narantungalag “Tungaa” Jadambaa, to continue pursuing his dreams of a World Title.

Jadambaa’s Stunning Submission Victory

Nearly six months after losing the ONE Featherweight World Championship, Jadambaa kicked off his quest back to the title in May 2016 against former ONE Lightweight World Champion Kotetsu “No Face” Boku at ONE: ASCENT TO POWER.

The two spent the first half of the opening stanza engaging in a clinch battle and stand-up war. Jadambaa eventually brought his Japanese foe to the canvas with a massive slam, and then methodically dropped short punches and elbows from side control.

He floored Boku with a spinning wheel kick to the head to start round two. “No Face” desperately scrambled away in an effort to regain his bearings, but Jadambaa beat him up in the clinch, brought him back to the canvas, and exhausted him some more.

Even though his Japanese adversary scrambled away, “Tungaa” landed solid punches and applied constant pressure.

Jadambaa continued to out-strike Boku in the third, but another takedown from the Mongolian proved to be the undoing for “No Face.”

The former featherweight world champion was in side control once again, and this time, he locked in a Von Flue Choke. Boku looked like he was about to tap, but fell asleep before he could to hand Jadambaa another highlight-reel win.

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