3 Of “The Terminator” Sunoto’s Best Finishes

July 05, 2018

Indonesian martial arts star “The Terminator” Sunoto (9-3) is on the verge of making a major breakthrough in ONE Championship’s bantamweight division.

The popular 33-year-old has built a reputation for delivering exciting performances throughout his career, and has registered a host of impressive stoppage victories during that time.

Before he faces Japanese debutant Shuya “Stealth” Kamikubo (7-1-1) at ONE: BATTLE FOR THE HEAVENS, check out three of his most impressive finishes.

Taking Out The “Hitman”

Sunoto showed his ability to stay cool under duress against the Philippines’ Burn “Hitman” Soriano at ONE: GLOBAL RIVALS in April 2016.

He took Soriano to the mat with a double-leg takedown within 30 seconds of their clash, but the Filipino managed to grab his arm, and attempted to submit him with a tight kimura.

The Indonesian kept his composure, despite the painful-looking position Soriano had put him in, and even gave referee Yuji Shimada a thumbs-up with his free hand to show he was okay.

“The Terminator” weathered the early storm until his opponent could no longer maintain the hold, and then turned the tables on him.

Once free of “Hitman’s” armlock attempt, “The Terminator” postured up, and patiently took his time to move into full mount. Once he was there, he struck, raining down punches.

The barrage was too much for Soriano, who could only cover up, and then tap out due to the strikes before the referee could step in. The bout was called with just 2:50 on the clock.

Overwhelming Chan Heng

The Indonesian star surpassed his quick-fire stoppage of Soriano when he faced Cambodia’s Chan Heng at ONE: QUEST FOR POWER in January 2017 – wasting no time in getting down to business.

Sunoto launched straight into a double-leg takedown, and passed immediately into side control. He looked to score an early finish, but the Cambodian Top Team product attempted an unorthodox guillotine choke from the bottom. Chan’s positioning was never close to a submission finish, but it briefly kept him out of danger.

His reprieve did not last long, as “The Terminator” soon popped his head out of the hold, and passed into full mount, where he unloaded a barrage of heavy-handed hammerfists. Heng adjusted just enough to stop the salvo, but only succeeded in allowing Sunoto to improve his position and set up the finish.

He advanced up the Cambodian’s body, pinned one of his arms under his knee, and fired off a volley of piston-like punches that were impossible to defend, forcing referee Yuji Shimada to step in and call an end to the contest at the 2:30 mark.

Just like that, Sunoto had racked up another impressive first-round TKO.

Submitting Rin Saroth

Nearly a year after he had last competed in the cage, Sunoto returned in January at ONE: KINGS OF COURAGE, and performed like he had never been away.

“The Terminator” clashed with Chan’s teammate, Rin Saroth, and although the opponent was different – and he had to wade into slightly deeper waters – the name that ended up in the win column was the same. 

Sunoto swiftly took Saroth to the mat early, landed in side control, and despite his adversary’s creative defensive strategy, dominated him for the rest of the opening frame.

The Indonesian repeated the strategy in the second round, except this time, the pair landed against the fence.

Sunoto quickly moved to side control, pinned down his opponent’s left arm, and then secured a keylock to force the Cambodian to tap.

This time, it had taken until 2:07 of round two, but the Indonesian veteran looked every bit as impressive as he did in the rest of his most memorable performances.

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